For 12 generations, the family has lived at Kylås farm, and four years ago Annie, named after her grandmother's mother, decided to start Kylås Vildmark. The reason is simple: Annie wanted to share her love for nature and everything it has to offer, as well as give people from all parts of the world the opportunity to experience the nature, wilderness and history of Kylås. Annie knows the yard without and within and, in every corner, lurks stories from the past. Stories of poaching, bravado, the key to health and damned treasures permeate the walls of the cottages on Kylås. You can read about some of these stories below. Enjoy!

The Silver Treasure

According to the story, there is a pot filled with silver hidden somewhere in Kylås. It is said that the family who lived there hid the treasure at the end of a stonework and traveled to America in hope of returning later to retrieve the treasure. But something happened, and they never came back. For several generations, people have been looking for the mysterious silver treasure; turned upside down on stone and land in pursuit of the silver. But no one has found it. No one has found the treasure in all these years.

Why, you might wonder. If the treasure now exists and so many have been looking for it, shouldn't it have been found by now? After all, there are only so many stone farms in Kylås. Many. But not infinitely many.

It is true that many people have started looking for the silver treasure, but all have stopped. Why, you might think again. See, because the silver is cursed. It is said that the family has sworn to haunt anyone who dares trying to find the treasure. It is their property and if they did not get the treasure - no one would. According to the story, the silver is cursed and everyone who is looking for the silver pot will face the wrath of the family who hid it. They promised to haunt anyone who was greedy enough to look for it and swore to do everything in their power to condemn their lives to their last breath. They would regret the day they ever thought of stealing something so priceless from the family.

No one has found the treasure. For no one who has started looking has dared to continue. At the end of a stone yard in Kylås there is a pot filled with silver. Do you dare to look for it?

Oskar & The Key To Eternal Health

Oskar was a man with many projects. He was a good hunter, cared for his cows and horses impeccably and he could break stones like no other. Oskar worked hard on the farm but he never got sick. Never. Not once. No fever or cough could get him on his knees. No injuries or wounds could disturb him. He was healthy and that was it. Oskar did not get sick. Never. He simply stood above that.

But what was his secret?
What was the source of his prosperous and eternal health?

It's very simple really. See, Oskar was a beekeeper too. It was one of all his projects and one he held close to his heart. Every morning he started with a teaspoon of honey. Then he ate honey on the porridge and honey for the bread, the soup, the meat and the evening snack. His trick was honey. Simple as that. Nature's own medicine. Test it yourself too.

Charlie & His Three Loves

Karl-Erik Storck, also known as Charlie, was a well-known naturalist and associate man from Skillingaryd. He received several awards for his amazing ability to combine nature and culture in his wilderness facilities around the country. During his life Charlie was met with two major tragedies. The first was when his wife died in a major fire as she tried to save the couple's twins from the flames. The second was when Charlie's roommate and life partner died in a traffic accident several years later. Losing loved ones is the greatest tragedy a man can face - but in his grief Charlie found the light and happily remembered the time he shared his love for nature with his loved ones. Even during his worst years, he continued to bring joy to others through his constructions. This is the man behind the wilderness village and in the coal huts you can find more stories about Charlie and his life.

Gösta's bravader

There is no question mark around that the family lineage in Kylås are shooters. Everything from aunt’s World Cup medals to old-time grandparents' newspaper clippings. And everything was almost always legal. Except for Gösta.

Gösta was the uncle of the farm. He was a big and powerful man, but above all he was a really good shooter. Gösta knew how to sneak in the forest. He knew it so well that all the hours of the day were not enough. Neither the legal nor the illegal. Gösta took the rules lightly. As long as you followed the forest's own laws, Gösta was satisfied. He didn't accept that a Stockholmer would decide when he shoot or didn’t.

There were many night adventures for Gösta and it occurred that he disappeared for several days at a time just to get back to the sales on the square with a little too much moose and tar. In between, Gösta woke up the children at the farm in the middle of the night to get help with carrying all the bags of "firewood" from the forest. Gösta did not follow any rules except the forest’s own. That was good enough, he thought. And that's how he lived all his life. Just Gösta and the forest.

It was a long time since Gösta was alive and able to tell his stories, but in our cabins the memories are still alive from all Gösta's bravado.


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